Charm Walk

Charm braceletWe hoped to host the 2021 Charm Walk, but we have found ourselves busy with other events. Please look for the Charm Walk in 2022! 


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Cascade Medical Foundation invites you to join us for our third annual Charm Walk.

This year's theme is Holidays in "Charm"ing Leavenworth. At many area businesses, you will get a charm representing each of the many fun holidays and festivals that are celebrated in Leavenworth each year. 

For only $20, you can enjoy a fun treasure hunt through downtown Leavenworth with friends and family and know that you are supporting a great cause. This year we're raising over $120,000 for Power-load cots and Automatic CPR devices for all three ambulances. 

Thank you for your support!


Other details:

  • The hours of the Charm Walk are 11am to 4pm on Saturday, 9/25, and noon to 3pm on Sunday, 9/26.
  • If you purchase online, you will be able to pick up your bracelet from our CMF tent, which will be located in the CM parking lot on the corner of Commercial and 9th Streets.
  • You will also receive a map to all of the participating shops. You can visit them in any order.
  • Some shops will have incentives and coupons just for you.
  • You can also purchase day of with cash, check or credit card at our CMF tent.


If you have questions or concerns, please email us at: