Growing the Orchard

Orchard of Giving

New crop of donors recognized

Twenty-two names were added this fall to The Orchard of Giving, which graces Cascade Medical Clinic’s lobby wall. Donors listed on the orchard’s apple and pear trees have given more than $250 to Cascade Medical Foundation in their lifetime.

This year’s crop includes several Cascade Medical employees who give to the Foundation with each paycheck. Others include a Foundation board member and generous community members, businesses and organizations. We are so grateful for all the support.

Here are the latest additions:

  • William & Bettye Ham
  • Sabine Kaul-Connolly
  • Carol Kasper
  • Tessie Edison
  • Joey O'Reilly
  • Oasis Avina Diaz
  • Courtney Grimm
  • Kathleen Koskella
  • JoAnne Ericksen
  • Donna Laidtlow
  • Rebecca Schiefelbein
  • DonnaRae Holloway
  • Larch
  • Washington State Hospital Association
  • Woodward Grant Giving Fund
  • 509 Spirits LLC
  • Yodelin Broth Co.
  • Plain Cellars
  • Leavenworth Cafe Roasters
  • Taffy Shop
  • Kissler Family Foundation
  • Capstone Community Chest

All Orchard of Giving names (and their locations) are listed in a notebook in the lobby. The next time you’re in the clinic waiting room, see how many names you recognize!