Why I Give

"We feel so fortunate to have two small businesses in this beautiful town. We are supported by our community and our guests, and we're so grateful.

"We raised our kids here. Our community has always been here for us, and we hope to continue to give back for many years to come.

"We've always loved supporting Cascade Medical as they provide such a valuable service to our community with their outreach and services at both the clinic and the hospital."

- Pam and Oliver Brulotte, owners of Icicle Brewing Company and Munchen Haus and CMF sponsors


"My mother had a stroke in 1994, and the rehab at Cascade Medical was so good. She was there as an inpatient for weeks; it was much closer for us to travel to visit her.

"I know Cascade Medical still does good work. The ambulances and aid to remote areas of the district are so important."

- Karen Arnold, longtime resident and CMF donor


"Mike and I were both born and raised here. Giving back to the community that we fondly call home is hugely important to us.

"When I was approached to be on the board it felt good to help with something so important. The legacy of the founding members needs to be carried on."

- Ken West, former CMF board member and CMF sponsor via Mike West Leavenworth Realty


"Dad was a licensed mortician and had a special passion for helping families in need. When Cascade Medical was looking to build its new center in Leavenworth, he was a strong supporter.

"We've also been a part of the golf tournament since day one. That first year, my dad handed the foundation a check for his sponsorship of the 18th hole, and we've been doing it at that very spot ever since.

"He was a naturally gifted golfer but always enjoyed the company more than the sport itself. We want to continue to honor his legacy by supporting the foundation. It's important for our community to have a thriving hospital."

- Kristen and Don Woods, owners of Icicle Ridge Winery and CMF sponsors