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Claim your place in history with a personalized paver

This opportunity invites you to contribute to the health of our community while creating a lasting legacy to acknowledge your gift.

With Cascade Medical Foundation's Legacy Pavers project, you may have a beautiful paver permanently inscribed with a name or personal message. It will be embedded in the walkway surrounding the facility. The Legacy Entry has a total of 88 pavers and the Legacy Walk has 322 spaces. While many have been taken, there are still over half of them left.

Here's an example of a Legacy Paver that was recently purchased by the front entry. The donor worked at Cascade Medical years ago and felt connected to Cascade Medical. We are very grateful!

Janets Paver

Purchasing a paver is easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Select - Choose the size of the paver you would like placed in either the Legacy Entry or the Legacy Walk.
  2. Say - Create your message. Larger pavers can accommodate more lines. Your inscription may feature a personal message, your name or honor a loved one. Your inscription will be seen by all who visit Cascade Medical.
  3. Send - Once you have completed the online order form, you will be redirected to another page where you will select and pay for your paver.
12 x 12 paver description
12" x 12" Paver
2/3" font, maximum 6 lines, 20 spaces per line.

Legacy Walk $1,000
Legacy Entry $3,000


8 x 8 paver description

8" x 8" Paver
1/2" font, maximum 4 lines, 15 spaces per line.

Legacy Walk $500
Legacy Entry $1,500


4 x 8 paver description

4" x 8" Paver
1/2" font, maximum 2 lines, 15 spaces per line.

Legacy Walk $250
Legacy Entry $750