Current Fundraising Projects

The Board has approved 2018's fundraising campaign for new Lab equipment. We will be fundraising for the purchase of:

  • Blood Gas Analyzer - The new analyzer will replace the old one without many technological changes, the reliability and ease of use will be welcome. These results are needed STAT by our doctors and the new instrument will allow the lab to effectively deliver accurate results.
  • Polarizing Microscope - The new microscope will have better resolution, LED bulbs that produce a blue-hue light that is easier on the eyes, adjustable eye pieces that focus easier and faster so more than one person can view an object. The time saving capabilities will be welcomed!
  • Blood Culture Analyzer - The new machine is capable of running a 5 part differential improving upon our current 3 part differential. It also will have improved graphics and software that will allow for a better visual evaluation of patient results and clearer choices for follow-up testing. These improvements all add up to faster results to our physicians and then to our patients. 

All of these pieces are essential to the health and well being of community and are used on a continuous basis by the Clinic and Acute Care. This equipment will help Cascade Medical better serve their physicians, their patients and our community.